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TitleA chip-size antenna for wireless EEG
Author(s)Correia, J. H.
Dias, N. S.
Barbosa, C. A.
Mendes, P. M.
KeywordsWireless EEG
Integrated antenna
Issue date2005
CitationMICROMECHANICS EUROPE WORKSHOP, 16, Göteborg, Sweden, 2005 – “MME 2005 : Workshop on Micromachining, Micromechanics and Microsystems : proceedings”. [S.l. : s.n.], 2005. p. 362-365.
Abstract(s)This paper presents the design and characterization of a patch antenna built on lossy substrates compatible with integrated circuits fabrication. Two different substrates were used for antenna implementation: high-resistivity silicon (HRS) and Corning Pyrex #7740 glass. The antenna prototypes were built to operate close to the 5 GHz ISM band where applications like HIPERLAN and IEEE802.11a are standardized. They operate at a center frequency of 5.705 GHz (HRS) and 5.995 GHz (Pyrex). The application is a wireless wearable electroencephalogram (EEG) braincap. Wireless EEG allows patients to wear the braincap and maintain their mobility while simultaneously having their electrical brain activity monitored.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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