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TitleA study of spectral imaging acquisition and processing for cultural heritage
Author(s)George, Sony
Hardeberg, Jon Y.
Linhares, João M. M.
MacDonald, Lindsay
Montagner, Cristina
Nascimento, Sérgio M. C.
Picollo, Marcello
Pillay, Ruven
Vitorino, Tatiana
Webb, E. Keats
Issue date2016
PublisherArc Humanities Press
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Introduction: Imaging spectroscopy (IS) techniques, specifically multispectral imaging (MSI) and hyperspectral imaging (HSI), have presented promising advances in the field of non-contact analytical tools for cultural heritage (Fischer & Kakoulli, 2006; Cucci et al., 2016). The combination of digital imaging with spectroscopy has expanded point-based, or one-dimensional (1D) spectroscopic techniques. IS provides the ability to distinguish and map the spatial distribution of materials over an entire object, extract reflectance spectra for the identification of materials, calculate colour, enhance and reveal underdrawings, detect changes in composition, and identify damage and past conservation treatments. The informative potential of applications and measurements is determined by the characteristics of the acquisition instrumentation. The increased application of IS techniques for the study and documentation of cultural heritage has resulted in the development of a range of spectral imaging systems. They are based, for example, on cameras with filtering systems or imaging devices with dispersive elements (MacDonald et al., 2013; Lapray et al., 2014). While the latter can offer better performance in terms of spectral resolution, they require sophisticated software and operator skills for the handling, processing and interpretation of the large data sets acquired. Along with the variety of systems, procedures such as calibration, if not handled correctly, can make the comparison between the acquired data from different instruments impossible, as well as compromise the reliability of the data set. Related challenges include the lack of quality metadata collected in a standard way, the insufficiency of a shared common vocabulary, and the heterogeneity of file formats and software. [...]
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Publisher version
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