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TitleLow dimensional polymer-based magnetoelectric structures
Author(s)Gonçalves, Renato Ferreira
Martins, Pedro Libânio Abreu
Lanceros-Méndez, S.
Issue dateOct-2017
Abstract(s)The low dimensionality open a new roads of opportunities and challenges. At the nanoscale some materials present new interesting effects that should be studied and understood. The nanostructured materials present a great potential functionalities due the large surface to volume ratio when compared with the bulk. With the miniaturization of the ME materials size, applications on medical and biomedical engineering could be then explored. Different morphologies with different connectivities between the magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials have been produced allowing the obtainment of innovative structures. In this chapter the low dimensionality of polymer based ME composites will be presented, challenges that need to be addressed in pursuing practical applications of ME devices will be discussed and promising future for research and technology in this field evaluated.
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