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TitleL-alaninium perrhenate: crystal structure and non-linear optical properties
Author(s)Rodrigues, Vitor H.
Costa, Maria M. R. R.
Gomes, Etelvina M.
Isakov, Dmitry
Belsley, M.
KeywordsAmino acids
Perrhenic acid
Second-harmonic generation
X-ray diffraction
Crystal engineering
Issue date2014
PublisherWalter de Gruyter GmbH
JournalCentral European Journal of Chemistry
Abstract(s)The crystal structure and non-linear optical properties of L-alaninium perrhenate, C3H8NO2+ ReO4 (-), are reported. The protonated amino acid and the perrhenate anion have their usual geometries. The three-dimensional hydrogen-bonded network can be seen as a stacking of layers parallel to the (100) planes. Each layer is formed by chains of alternating positive and negative ions along the b and c axes. Hydrogen bonding of adjacent layers forms alternating chains along the a axis. A high damage threshold and a second-harmonic generation efficiency three times that of KDP make this new material potentially useful in non-linear optics.
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