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TítuloGeodiversity and geological heritage characterisation in protected areas from NE Portugal: methodology and results
Autor(es)Dias, G.
Alves, M. I. Caetano
Brilha, J. B.
Castro, Paulo
Ferreira, Narciso
Meireles, Carlos
Pereira, D. I.
Pereira, Eurico
Pereira, Paulo
Pereira, Z.
Geological heritage
Management plans
Natural parks
NE Portugal
EditoraUniversity of Minho. Earth Sciences Centre
CitaçãoINTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM PROGEO ON THE CONSERVATION OF THE GEOLOGICAL HERITAGE, 4, Braga, Portugal, 2005 – “IV International Symposium ProGEO on the Conservation of the Geological Heritage : abstracts”. Braga : University of Minho, Earth Science Centre, 2005. ISBN 972-95255-3-6. p. 30.
Resumo(s)We present the methodology and main results of a multidisciplinary research project carried out at two Natural Parks from NE Portugal: Montesinho and International Douro Natural Parks. This project aims to: (i) improve the geological knowledge in the MNP and IDNP; (ii) proceed with the inventory and characterisation of geosites; (iii) create scientific instruments to support a sustainable management of resources and territory; (iv) contribute to the increase of public awareness of Earth heritage.
Arbitragem científicayes
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