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TitleA model for the simultaneous prediction of the flexural and shear deflections of statically determinate and indeterminate RC structures
Author(s)Ramezansefat, Honeyeh
Barros, Joaquim A. O.
Rezazadeh, Mohammadali
KeywordsFlexural and shear deflection
Analytical model
Flexibility method
Flexural and shear stiffness
Determinate and indeterminate RC structure
Issue dateAug-2017
PublisherErnst & Sohn
JournalStructural Concrete
Abstract(s)The deformability of the major part of reinforced concrete (RC) structures is the result of the flexural and shear deformations mainly caused by bending and shear diagonal cracking, respectively. However, the evaluation of the shear deformation contribution is relatively difficult due to the complexities involving the shear behavior of cracked RC elements. These complexities are even more complicated when structures are statically indeterminate, since the external and internal forces cannot be determined from direct application of the equilibrium equations. To address these issues, the current study aims to develop a novel simplified analytical model based on the flexibility (force) method to predict the deflections of statically indeterminate RC structures up to their failure, which can be in bending or in shear. This analytical model considers the influence of flexural cracks on the shear stiffness degradation of a RC structure after concrete cracking initiation, and has a format adjusted for design practice. The good predictive performance of the analytical model is demonstrated by simulating experimental tests with RC elements where shear deformation has different level of contribution for the total deflection registered in these tests.
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