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TitleReport on citizenship law: Brazil
Author(s)Jerónimo, Patrícia
Issue date2016
CitationJerónimo, Patrícia, Report on Citizenship Law: Brazil, EUDO Citizenship Observatory, 2016, available at [02.12.2017]
Abstract(s)The report focuses on the citizenship law of Brazil. It provides an historical background and discusses the main aspects of the current citizenship regime (including the modes of attribution, acquisition, loss and reacquisition of Brazilian citizenship), with recourse to primary (legislation and case law) and secondary (literature by Brazilian scholars) sources.
TypeResearch report
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:ED/DH-CII - Relatórios técnicos

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JERÓNIMO, P., Report on Citizenship Law Brazil EUDO_Cit_CR_2016_01.pdf616,65 kBAdobe PDFView/Open

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