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TítuloBiology teachers’ conceptions about the origin of life in Brazil, Argentina, And Uruguay: a comparative study
Autor(es)Silva, Heslley Machado
Clément, Pierre
Leão, Isabela Maria Silva
Garros, Tiago Valentim
Carvalho, Graça Simões de
Latin America
Origin of life
School teachers
CitaçãoSilva, H.M., Clément, P., Leão, I.M.S. & Carvalho, G.S (2017) Biology teachers’ conceptions about the origin of life in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay: a comparative study. Zygon, Journal of Religion & Science, 52 (4), 943-961 (DOI:10.1111/zygo.12371)
Resumo(s)Teachers’ conceptions about the origin of life in three Latin American countries with contrasting levels of secularism were analyzed: Argentina (Catholic constitution), Brazil (formally secular but not in practice), and Uruguay (consolidated secularism). A European survey questionnaire was used and the interpretation of the results drew on Barbour's four categories concerning the relationships of science and religion. A large majority of Argentinian and Uruguayan teachers were clearly evolutionist, even when believing in God (Independence or Dialogue category), with no difference between Argentina and Uruguay. The majority of Brazilian teachers assumed a religious position about the origin of life, being creationist (Conflict or Independence categories) or evolutionary creationist (Dialogue or Integration categories). Differences of Brazilian teachers’ conceptions may result from the higher percentage of evangelicals and lower proportion of agnostics/atheists. Brazilian Catholic teachers were more creationist than their Catholic colleagues in Argentina and Uruguay. Distinct patterns were found, but further research is needed to understand possible classroom impacts.
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