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TitleConcentrated solar energy used for sintering magnesium titanates for electronic applications
Author(s)Apostol, Irina
Rodríguez, Jose
Cañadas, Inmaculada
Galindo, Jose
Lanceros-Méndez, S.
Martins, Pedro Libânio Abreu
Cunha, L.
Saravanan, Kandasamy Venkata
KeywordsSolar sintering
Solar furnace
Parabolic concentrator
Magnesium titanates
Issue date2018
PublisherElsevier B.V.
JournalApplied Surface Science
CitationI. Apostol, et al., Concentrated solar energy used for sintering magnesium titanates for electronic applications, Appl. Surf. Sci. (2017),
Abstract(s)Solar energy is an important renewable source of energy with many advantages: it is unlimited, clean and free. The main objective of this work was to sinter magnesium titanate ceramics in a solar furnace using concentrated solar energy, which is a novel and original process. The direct conversion of solar power into high temperature makes this process simple, feasible and ecologically viable/ environmentally sustainable. We performed the solar sintering experiments at Plataforma Solar de Almeria-CIEMAT, Spain. This process takes place in a vertical axis solar furnace (SF5-5kW) hosting a mobile flat mirror heliostat, a fixed parabolic mirror concentrator, an attenuator and a test table the concentrator focus. We sintered (MgO)0.63(TiO2)0.37, (MgO)0.49(TiO2)0.51, (MgO)0.50(TiO2)0.50 ceramics samples in air at about 1100°C for a duration of 16 minutes, 1h, 2h and 3h in the solar furnace. The MgO/TiO2 ratio and the dwell time was varied in order to obtain phase pure MgTiO3 ceramic. We obtained a pure MgTiO3 geikielite phase by solar sintering of (MgO)0.63(TiO2)0.37 samples at 1100ºC (16 min.-3 h). Samples of (MgO)0.63(TiO2)0.37, solar sintered at 1100°C for 3 h, resulted in well-sintered, non-porous samples with good density (3.46 g/cm3). The sintered samples were analyzed by XRD for phase determination. The grain and surface morphology was observed using SEM. Electrical measurements were carried out on solar sintered samples. The effect of processing parameters on microstructure and dielectric properties were investigated and is presented.
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