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TitleNanoparticles for early diagnostics of inflammatory diseases: new approaches in the field of soft and hard nanoparticles: NANOFOL NanoDiaRa Conference 7th Framework Programme
Author(s)Cavaco-Paulo, Artur
Hofmann-Amtenbrink, Margarethe
NANOFOL – NanoDiaRa Conference 7th Framework Programme, Lisboa, 2013
In vitro and in vivo nano-diagnostics
Safety and risks aspects
Molecular biology
Pre-clinical research
Biomarker development
Issue date20-Nov-2013
CitationCavaco-Paulo, Artur; Hofmann-Amtenbrink, Margarethe, Nanoparticles for Early Diagnostics of Inflammatory Diseases | New approaches in the field of soft and hard nanoparticles (NANOFOL NanoDiaRa Conference 7th Framework Programme), Lisbon, 2013
Abstract(s)Two European Research Projects NanoDiaRA and NANOFOL, exploring novel techniques and scientific relationships in a very transdisciplinary way in the field of diagnosis and therapeutics of inflammatory diseases, have jointly organized a conference. The conference will present the results of more than 20 research groups and more than 70 scientist, engineers, technicians and trainees having had the opportunity to work together, to exchange, to learn and to profit from this interchange for their career. Starting more than 20 years ago with Cost Actions, BriteEuram and the various Framework projects, the EU funding has allowed European researchers to work in close collaboration beyond national borders, and to exchange in science and culture. The EU Commission also encouraged academia and industry to work closer together already in research and development and this conference will highlight some of this collaborative work. We expect that presentations and discussions might help to create new concept ideas to exploit results of NanoDiaRA and NANOFOL and help to build new projects under the frame of Horizon 2020. In this sense we would like to thank all participants from both projects as well outside participants who are coming to listen, to learn, and to exchange, and the EU Commission for funding these projects and by this allowing more sustainable European partnerships.
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