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TitleVisualization of ERT data for archaeological purposes
Author(s)Bernardes, Paulo José Correia
Alves, Mafalda Sofia Duarte
Pereira, Bruno
Madeira, Joaquim
Martins, Manuela
Fontes, Luís Fernando Oliveira
Volumetric models
Issue date2017
PublisherThe Eurographics Association
Abstract(s)This work presents a visualization methodology for the correct comprehension and interpretation of ERT data by archaeologists. The authors developed a methodology based not only in colour mapping and slicing techniques but also on contouring and interaction procedures, obtaining an alternative to the traditional 2D pseudosection data visualization workflows. The implementation was carried out with the Visualization Toolkit from Kitware Inc. and is illustrated using two data samples: the first one was obtained on a hillfort in Boticas (Portugal) and the second one was acquired on an urban archaeological intervention in Braga (Portugal).
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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