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TitleA comparative study of the biodegradability of oleic acid by sludge from a reactor fed with olive mill wastewater and sludge from a reactor fed with oleic acid
Author(s)Azabou, Samia
Mechichi, Tahar
Pereira, M. A.
Alves, M. M.
Sayadi, Sami
KeywordsAnaerobic digestion
Oleic acid
Olive mill wastewater
Issue date24-May-2004
PublisherSfax University
CitationTUNISIA-JAPAN SYMPOSIUM ON CULTURE, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 5, Stax, 2005 - "Proceedings of the 5th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Culture, Science and Technology". Sfax : University, 2004. p. 142-144.
Abstract(s)In the present study, we investigate the biodegradability of oleic acid by sludge from anaerobic filter reactor fed with olive mill wastewater (sludge T). A comparative study was conducted using a second sludge from an expanded granular bed reactor exposed to oleic acid (sludge P). The performance of treating oleic acid and the influence of the composition of the culture media were investigated and compared. Methane production by sludge T started after a lag phase of 150 hours. However no lag phase was observed with sludge P. In contrast a higher methane production was obtained with the sludge T. The addition of nutrients (minerals and yeast extract) to culture medium reduced the lag phase of methane production by 40 hours.
AccessOpen access
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