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TitleLife cycle analysis of reinforced concrete bridges in Baltic countries
Author(s)Sein, Sander
Matos, José C.
Idnurm, Juhan
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)During this paper the first part of Life Cycle Analysis based on visual inspection data of main types of reinforced concrete bridges in Baltic countries will be introduced and discussed. In a first step, the background of bridge management systems, visual inspections and most common bridges will be presented. During this step, an explanation of differences and similarities of Baltics visual inspections and data processing will be introduced. In a second step, principal component analysis with main outcomes for different Baltic countries and possible reasons for those outcomes will be discussed. Also a comparison of principal components for similar bridges in all Baltic countries will be shown. At the end, input for predictive models will be introduced. The main objective of this input is to show what elements deteriorate more rapidly and due to that have an influence for Life Cycle of reinforced concrete bridges
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:ISISE - Comunicações a Conferências Internacionais

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