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TitleStrategy mobilization in the transition to parenthood
Author(s)Martins, Cristina Araújo
Issue dateApr-2017
Abstract(s)Background: Parenthood marks one of the greatest changes the family system faces and an especially critical transition, due to the repercussions it can have on the health and well-being of parents themselves and the healthy development of children. Aim: This study aimed to understand the response patterns of parents in the exercise of parenthood during the child's first 6 months of life. Methods: Grounded Theory. Data collection from semi-structured interviews (a total of 60 interviews), complemented with observation (a total of 37 home visits), which took place in the child's first days, and the 1st, 4th and 6th months. We had the participation of 5 fathers and 5 mothers (couples), with ages ranging from 26 to 33 years and one healthy child, born at full term. Results: They uncover the actions/interactions (according to Corbin and Strauss's Paradigm Model, 2014) adopted by parents facing the parenthood phenomenon, which hold cognitive (learning, decision-making), relational (family support) and operational (division of labour, routine rearrangement, reconciliation of roles) components. Conclusions: This investigation is constituted as a reflection and awareness point towards the change/innovation in the contexts of healthcare practice, highlighting the moderator and mediator action nurses can assume during the transition to parenthood.
TypeOral presentation
DescriptionPrémio de mérito científico pela Comissão Científica
AccessOpen access
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