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TitleAn overview of the most advanced frameworks for bridge asset management
Author(s)Matos, José C.
Sein, S.
KeywordsAsset management
Bridge management system
Predictive models
Life cycle cost
Optimization models
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)During this paper it will be discussed some important novelties related to the topic of bridge asset management. In a first step, it will be covered the problematic of bridge assessment through the use of Key Performance Indicators. An emphasis will be made to the outcomes from the COST Action TU 1406 ( Then, it will be discussed how these indicators can be used in the management of existing bridge stock. It will be introduced the problematic of performance predictive models and how maintainability could be integrated for the Life Cycle Cost analysis. At the end it will be discussed the difference between the management of a single and a network of bridges, what type of optimization models and decision-support algorithms can be used. An example is shown through the main results from the research and development project SustIMS – Sustainable Infrastructure Management Systems. The main objective is to show operators how the standardization of this procedure, and how these frameworks would contribute for a more sustainable and efficient management of their bridge stock.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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