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TítuloDurability of mortars with incorporation of phase change materials microcapsules
Outro(s) título(s)Durabilitatea unor mortare cu încorporare de microcapsule, care conțin materiale cu schimbare de fază
Autor(es)Cunha, Sandra Raquel Leite
Aguiar, J. L. Barroso de
Ferreira, V. M.
Freeze-thaw resistance
Phase change materials (PCM)
Water absorption
EditoraSerban Solacolu Foundation
RevistaRomanian Journal of Materials
CitaçãoCunha S., Aguiar J. B., Ferreira V. M. Durability of mortars with incorporation of phase change materials microcapsules, Romanian Journal of Materials, Vol. 47, Issue 2, pp. 166-175, 1583-3186, 2017
Resumo(s)The construction is responsible for high consumptions of energy and raw materials. It becomes imperative to develop new sustainable constructive solutions. The mortars with incorporation of phase change materials (PCM) have the ability to regulate the temperature inside buildings, using only the energy supplied by the sun. The main focus of this study was the microstructure and durability of mortars with PCM incorporation. The binders studied were aerial lime, hydraulic lime, gypsum and cement. The proportions of PCM studied were 0% and 40% of the mass of the sand. It can be concluded that the incorporation of phase change material in mortars causes significant changes in their properties, in fresh and hardened state, such as microstructure, water absorption by capillarity and immersion, and degradation by freeze-thaw. Consequently, the addition of this material affects the durability and microstructure of the mortars developed.
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