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TitleCylindrically symmetric inhomogeneous dust collapse with a zero expansion component
Author(s)Brito, Irene
Silva, M. F. A. da
Mena, Filipe C.
Santos, N. O.
KeywordsExact solutions
Spacetime matching
Gravitational collapse
Gravitational radiation
Black hole formation
Issue dateSep-2017
PublisherIOP Publishing
JournalClassical and Quantum Gravity
Abstract(s)We investigate a class of cylindrically symmetric inhomogeneous Λ-dust spacetimes which have a regular axis and some zero expansion component. For Λ \neq 0, we obtain new exact solutions to the Einstein equations and show that they are unique, within that class. For Λ = 0, we recover the Senovilla– Vera metric and show that it can be locally matched to an Einstein–Rosen type of exterior. Finally, we explore some consequences of the matching, such as trapped surface formation and gravitational radiation in the exterior.
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AccessOpen access
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