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TitleAntioxidant cosmetotextiles: Cotton coating with nanoparticles containing vitamin E
Author(s)Ghaheh, Fatemeh Shahmoradi
Khoddami, Akbar
Alihosseini, Farzaneh
Su, Jing
Ribeiro, Artur
Cavaco-Paulo, Artur
Silva, Carla
antioxidant activity
crock meter
Issue dateAug-2017
JournalProcess Biochemistry
CitationGhaheh, Fatemeh Shahmoradi; Khoddami, Akbar; Alihosseini, Farzaneh; Su, Jing; Ribeiro, Artur; Cavaco-Paulo, Artur; Silva, Carla, Antioxidant cosmetotextiles: cotton coating with nanoparticles containing vitamin E. Process Biochemistry, 59, Part A, 46-51, 2017
Abstract(s)In the present study, we coated cotton fabrics with protein-based nanoparticles containing vitamin E (-tocopherol) by the pad-cure method. Scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, and air permeability analysis of coated samples confirmed the fixation of the nanoparticles onto the fabrics surface. The antioxidant activity of the coated fabrics was evaluated by 2,2-Azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) (ABTS) free radicals reduction. Samples coated with nanoparticles containing the highest amount of encapsulated vitamin E (20% of the oil phase) showed the highest antioxidant activity. The protein-based coating was maintained for at least 10 washing cycles, demonstrating the reliability of the pad-cure method for the fixation of nanoparticles onto cotton surfaces. A methodology for nanoparticles release from the coated surfaces and their transfer to other substrates was demonstrated by the simple crock meter rubbing in the presence of sweat and protease. A high amount of material can be transferred and released to other substrates, such as textiles and skin, through the synergistic effect of sweat/protease and abrasion. An array of cosmetic and medical applications are possible with the developed coating and release methodology in which vitamin E would impart vital benefits as skin protection, anti-aging product, or skin moisturizer.
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