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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jun-2016Editorial [to UNIO - EU Law Jounal. Vol. 2, No. 2, June 2016]Silveira, Alessandra; Froufe, Pedro Madeira; Canotilho, MarianaArticleOpen access
Jul-2015The right of free movement and the access to social protection in the EU: the economical dimension. Notes on the Case Elisabeta Dano v Jobcenter Leipzig, C-333/13Guimarães, DanielaArticleOpen access
Jul-2014The Rinau Case and the wrongful removal or retention of childrenGonçalves, Anabela Susana SousaArticleOpen access
Jun-2015The Right to Data Protection and the Commission's Adequacy DecisionAraújo, Alexandra Maria RodriguesArticleOpen access
Jan-2017On the CJEU's post-Brexit case-law on european citizenship: the recovery of the identity Ariadne's thread?Silveira, AlessandraArticleOpen access
Jul-2014Justice in a time of crisis: the role of European courts as guardians of democracySilveira, Alessandra; Perez, SophieArticleOpen access
Jul-2017An approach to today's EU constitutionality control - understanding this EU inter-jurisdictional phenomenon in light of effective judicial protectionAbreu, Joana Rita Sousa CoveloArticleOpen access
Jun-2016The emerging culture of EU citizenship as "citizenship of rights" and the legal nature of the EU politySilveira, Alessandra; Engström, Claudia McKennyArticleOpen access
Jul-2014Effective judicial protection in judicial cooperation in civil matters and the Court of Justice of the European Union case law: the public policy clause and the absolute default of appearance as denial causes of judgments' recognition and enforcement in EU contextAbreu, Joana Rita Sousa CoveloArticleOpen access
Jul-2017O dever de anulação administrativa previsto no artigo 168.º, n.º 7, CPA: em busca de uma solução eurocompatívelPerez, SophieArticleOpen access