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TítuloAdvanced techniques for characterizing bioinspired materials
Autor(es)Machado, Raul
Sencadas, Vítor João Gomes Silva
Palavras-chaveCell culture and viability
Fatigue behavior
Infrared spectroscopy
Mechanical properties
Polymer characterization
EditoraWoodhead Publishing Limited
CitaçãoIn book: Bioinspired Materials for Medical Applications, Chapter: Chapter 7, Publisher: Elsevier, Editors: Ligia R Rodrigues, Manuel Mota, pp.pp 177–214
Resumo(s)Understanding materials’ analytical techniques is a key feature to ensure efficient material development and to fully evaluate their functional properties. Biobased materials are emergent materials that are attracting attention due to their outstanding properties, pushing forward their use in a wide range of applications going from biomedical and pharmacy to even food industry, among others. This chapter provides an educational resource with the most relevant characterization techniques that are applicable to the development and characterization of biobased materials. It discusses physical, thermal, and chemical characterization techniques that are able to provide information related to the microstructure and morphology, and the mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of materials. Additionally, it provides cues and considerations for the characterization techniques, complemented with relevant case studies and examples from different biobased materials.
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