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TítuloAnimated cartoon humor in second language learning
Autor(es)Ferreira, António Carlos Martins
Orientador(es)Ermida, Isabel
Palavras-chaveAnimated cartoons
English language
Young learner
Resumo(s)The thesis discusses the importance of foreign language learning which constitutes one of the basis for a good education. The use of animated cartoon humor as a complementary tool to English learning is the main focus of such work. A set of teaching techniques and several linguistic analyses of humor are presented as well. Several advantages of the humor present in animated cartoon (particularly in Peppa Pig) as a complementary tool to transmit concepts from a foreign language are addressed. Some of the questions concerning the matter are the following: (i) What are the benefits of learning a foreign language at an early stage? (ii) How can educators and parents contribute to an effective second language acquisition? (iii) How can animated cartoon humor introduce vocabulary and grammatical constructions to the younger audiences? (iv) What composition do animated cartoons’ episodes present so as to teach/revise a foreign language? (v) How does one use animated cartoon humor in a practical situation? (vi) What follow-up activities can a teacher or educator implement after showing an episode of an animated cartoon in class? It can be firmly acknowledged that a proper teaching and learning of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is due to an appropriate education system, combined with a strong willpower. International agreements and education policies are cited that endorse the importance of language learning. Similarly, it has become vital that for workers in areas such as medicine and other health sciences to be skillful in more than one language and have a knowledgeable constructive language learning experience. Many methods of how to teach EFL to children, since they constitute the most auspicious age group to be effectively educated are explored as well.
DescriçãoDissertação de mestrado em Língua, Literatura e Cultura Inglesas
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BUM - Dissertações de Mestrado

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