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TitleBurials, corpses and offerings in the Bronze Age of NW Iberia as agents of social identity and memory
Author(s)Bettencourt, Ana M. S.
KeywordsNW Iberia
Bronze Age
Burial contexts
Burial Practices
Northwest of Iberian Peninsula
funerary practices
new structuration of the landscape
new ideological conceptions
places of identity and social memory
Issue date2010
JournalBar International Series
CitationBETTENCOURT, A.M.S. (2010). “Burials, corpses and offerings in the Bronze Age of NW Iberia as agents of social identity and memory”, in A.M.S. Bettencourt, M.J. Sanches, L.B. Alves & R. Fábregas Valcarce (eds.) Conceptualizing space and place. On the Role of Agency, Memory and Identity in the Construction of Space from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Iron Age in Europe. Proceedings of the 15th Congress of the International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Lisbon, September 2006, BAR-S2058, International Series, Oxford: Archeopress, 33-45.
Abstract(s)In this text we analyse several materialities related to the world of death during the Bronze Age in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula with the purpose of discussing the long-term role of the corpses, the sepulchral places and the offerings as agents of legitimization of the territory, of memory and of creation and maintenance of the group identity. The first framed hypothesis is that there seems to be different conceptions of death between the highlands, associated with communities with a more pastoral way of life, and the lowlands, more in connection with agricultural societies. The second one establishes that in both types of communities it was always in the Early Bronze when corpses had a greater weight as agents of legitimization of territory and identity. Finally, the third and last hypothesis assumes that from the Middle Bronze Age on the scenarios of power negotiation and maintenance are gradually transferred and spread into other contexts, such as the sites with rock engravings, the places of metal deposits and the settlements themselves. This may be in accordance with the possible increase of the practice of cremation in which the “consumed body” loses “visibility”.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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