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TitleRare earth elements, iron and manganese in ochre-precipitates and wetland soils of a passive treatment system for acid mine drainage
Author(s)Prudêncio, M. I.
Valente, Teresa Maria Fernandes
Marques, R.
Braga, Maria Amália Castro Sequeira
Pamplona, J.
KeywordsAcid mine drainage
Rare earth elements
Iron and manganese
Issue date2017
JournalProcedia: Earth and Planetary Science
Abstract(s)The rare earth elements (REE) along with iron and manganese distribution in ochre-precipitates and wetland soils in a passive system for acid mine drainage treatment (Jales, Portugal) was studied. The results obtained by instrumental neutron activation analysis showed a higher incorporation of the light REE (particularly La and Ce) by the ochre-precipitates resulting from the mine water-limestone interaction. These fluffy materials influence the entrance of the first wetland where a correlation between Fe and La and Ce was found. Then Mn phases appear to play a more important role controlling REE distribution in the remaining area of the wetland soils.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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