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TitleIntegrated analytical techniques for the study of colouring materials from two megalithic barrows
Author(s)Oliveira, César João Santos
Bettencourt, Ana M. S.
Araújo, Alfredo
Gonçalves, Luís Miguel Barros
Kuźniarska‐Biernacka, I.
Costa, Ana Luísa
KeywordsNorth-west Portugal
Chemical composition of colorants
Megalithic barrows
Colouring materials
Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC–MS)
Chemical analysis
Issue dateApr-2017
CitationOliveira, C., Bettencourt, A. M. S., Araújo, A., Gonçalves, L., Kuźniarska‐Biernacka, I., & Costa, A. L. (2017). Integrated Analytical Techniques for the Study of Colouring Materials from Two Megalithic Barrows. Archaeometry
Abstract(s)We have determined the composition of rock art pigments from two megalithic barrows located in the north of Portugal. The use of XRD, SEM–EDS and FT–IR spectroscopy confirmed the presence of hematite and kaolinite in the red pigments from the Eireira barrow, and kaolinite in the white pigment from the Leira das Mamas barrow. The organic composition of the pigments was studied by GC–MS, suggesting that the red sinuous lines and dots from the Eireira barrow were prepared with cooked or heated algae and/or aquatic plants, with egg as binder, while the white pigment from the Leira das Mamas barrow revealed a mixture of vegetable oils for kaolinite moulding, which could be stabilized by temporary exposure to high temperatures. The multi-analytical approach used on this study of megalithic pigments allowed the recovery of important data about north-western prehistoric communities, namely the way in which they exploited existing resources and their ability to transform them
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