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TitleEdgar : a platform for hardware/software codesign
Author(s)Esteves, António
Fernandes, João M.
Proença, Alberto José
Rapid system prototyping
Issue date1997
CitationBARON, C.; GEFFROY, J.-C.; MOTET, G., ed. lit. – “Embedded system applications”. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997. ISBN 0-7923-9974-1. p. 19-32.
Abstract(s)Codesign is a unified methodology to develop complex systems with hardware and software components. EDgAR, a platform for hardware/software codesign is described, which is intended to prototype complex digital systems. It employs programmable logic devices (MACHs and FPGAs) and a transputer-based parallel architecture. This platform and its associated methodology reduce the systems production cost, decreasing the time for the design and the test of the prototypes. The EDgAR supporting tools are introduced, which were conceived to specify systems at an high-level of abstraction, with a standard language and to allow a high degree of automation on the synthesis process. This platform was used to emulate an integrated circuit for image processing purposes.
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