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TitleSize and aging effects on antimicrobial efficiency of silver nanoparticles coated on polyamide fabrics activated by atmospheric DBD plasma
Author(s)Zille, Andrea
Fernandes, Margarida Maria Macedo
Francesko, Antonio
Tzanov, Tzanko Kaloyanov
Fernandes, Marta Susana Machado
Oliveira, Fernando Ribeiro
Almeida, Luís de
Amorim, M. T. Pessoa de
Carneiro, Noémia
Esteves, M. de Fátima
Souto, A. Pedro
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)Recently, renewed interest has arisen in silver nanopar@cles for biomedical devices because of their high surface energy, enhanced physicochemical and biological proper@es and extremely large surface area, which provides beAer contact with microorganisms. Atmospheric plasma is an alterna@ve and cost- compe@@ve method to wet chemical nanopar@cles deposi@on methods, avoiding the need of toxic solvents, expensive vacuum equipment and allowing con@nuous and uniform processing of material surfaces. However, there are no reports on the size and @me-dependent an@microbial, physical and chemical surface effects of the silver nanopar@cles immobilized on plasma func@onalized polymers. Thus, the purposes of this study were: (i) the silver nanopar@cle size and aging effects aCer 30 days on the an@microbial ac@vity aCer deposi@on onto DBD plasma-treated polyamide 6,6 fabrics, and (ii) the aging effect on the physico-chemical binding mechanism between different sized silver nanopar@cles and the plasma treaded polyamide 6,6. Five different in size commercial silver nanopar@cles have been employed (10, 20, 40 60 and 100 nm).
AccessOpen access
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