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TitleInterleukin-27 early impacts Leishmania infantum infection in mice and correlates with active visceral disease in humans
Author(s)Pérez-Cabezas, Begoña
Cecílio, Pedro
Robalo, Ana Luísa
Silvestre, Ricardo Jorge Leal
Carrillo, Eugenia
Moreno, Javier
Martín, Juan V. San
Vasconcellos, Rita
Silva, Anabela Cordeiro da
Leishmania infantum
Mouse models
Immune regulation
Issue dateNov-2016
PublisherFrontiers Media
JournalFrontiers in Immunology
CitationPérez-Cabezas, B., Cecílio, P., Robalo, A. L., Silvestre, R., Carrillo, et. al.(2016). interleukin-27 early impacts Leishmania infantum infection in Mice and correlates with active Visceral Disease in humans. Frontiers in Immunology, 7
Abstract(s)The complexity of Leishmania host interactions, one of the main leishmaniasis issues, is yet to be fully understood. We detected elevated IL-27 plasma levels in European patients with active visceral disease caused by Leishmania infantum, which returned to basal levels after successful treatment, suggesting this cytokine as a probable infection mediator. We further addressed this hypothesis recurring to two classical susceptible visceral leishmaniasis mouse models. BALB/c, but not C57BU6 mice, showed increased IL-27 systemic levels after infection, which was associated with an upregulation of IL-27p28 expression by dendritic cells and higher parasite burdens. Neutralization of IL-27 in acutely infected BALB/c led to decreased parasite burdens and a transient increase in IFN-gamma(+) splenic T cells, while administration of IL-27 to C57BU6 promoted a local anti-inflammatory cytokine response at the site of infection and increased parasite loads. Overall, we show that, as in humans, BALB/c IL-27 systemic levels are infection dependently upregulated and may favor parasite installation by controlling inflammation.
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AccessOpen access
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