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TítuloTechnical-economic potential of PV systems on Colombian residential sector
Autor(es)González Mahecha, Rosa Esperanza
Miranda, Raul
Lucena, André
Szklo, Alexandre
Ferreira, Paula M. T.
CitaçãoGonzález Mahecha., Rosa Esperanza; Miranda, R., Lucena, A., Szklo, A., Ferreira, P. (2016) “Technical-economic potential of PV systems on Colombian residential sector” Proceedings 39th IAEE International Conference: Energy: Expectations and Uncertainty, June 19 - 22, 2016, Bergen, Norway
Resumo(s)Solar energy is the second most applied variable renewable source worldwide, after the wind. In 2014, its world installed capacity was around 177 GW. During the past years, the yearly new capacity of photovoltaic (PV) solar yearly new capacity has exceeded new wind projects, highlighting this new solar power trend. This study aims to estimate technical and economic potential of the solar PV in the Colombian residential sector taking into account characteristics such as socio-economic stratum, household electric power consumption, tariffs by utility and capital cost. Technical-economic simulation tools were integrated into a geographical information system (‘GIS’) to permit a spatial analysis. Results shows solar generation potential and its annual penetration potential for all socioeconomic strata within all Colombian municipalities up to 2030. The current technical potential is around 9.1 GWp (13.10 TWh/year), while the economic potential will be 3.2 GWp by 2030.
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