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dc.contributor.authorPortugal-Pereira, Joanapor
dc.contributor.authorFerreira, Paula M. T.por
dc.contributor.authorCunha, Jorgepor
dc.contributor.authorSzklo, Alexandrepor
dc.contributor.authorSchaeffer, Robertopor
dc.contributor.authorAraújo, Maria Madalena Teixeira depor
dc.identifier.citationPortugal-Pereira, J; Ferreira, P; Cunha, J; Szklo, A; Schaeffer, R; Araújo, M. (2016) “Understanding The Cost Escalation Of Nuclear Reactor Construction Projects” 3rd International Conference on Project Evaluation (ICOPEV), 16-17 June 2016, Guimarães, Portugal, pp 133-137.por
dc.description.abstractThis work seeks to evaluate overnight construction costs (OCC) and lead time escalation of nuclear reactors from 1955 to 2016. To this end, a comprehensive database of commercial Light Water Reactors (LWR) was developed and a statistical analysis was conducted. Findings reveal that there is significant delay in lead time, especially for the last generation reactors constructed from 2010’s. This results in the escalation of capital costs rather than a decline. Average OCC of newer reactors are 60% higher than the ones implemented in the earlier stages of the nuclear era. This suggests a negative learning curve effect for both OCC and lead time, which threats the market and financial sustainability of current and future nuclear energy projects. Although this is a general trend, this negative effect is country specific and, thus, induced by national policies and regulatory frameworks. Therefore, the role of nuclear technology to cope with the decarbonisation of the power sector must be better evaluated, taking into account the real cost impacts of nuclear technology implementation.por
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was also funded by the Brazilian research funding agency CNPq.por
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was funded by the Brazilian research funding agency CNPq and the Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme Fellowship within the 7th European Union Framework Programme, under the project NETEP- European Brazilian Network on Energy Planning (PIRSES-GA-2013-612263).por
dc.publisherUniversidade do Minhopor
dc.subjectNuclear energypor
dc.subjectOvernight construction costspor
dc.subjectLead timepor
dc.subjectRisk assessmentpor
dc.titleUnderstanding cost escalation in nuclear reactor construction projectspor
oaire.citationTitle3rd International Conference on Project Evaluation ICOPEV 2016, Guimarães, Portugalpor
dc.subject.fosEngenharia e Tecnologia::Outras Engenharias e Tecnologiaspor
dc.subject.wosScience & Technologypor
dc.subject.wosSocial Sciencespor
sdum.conferencePublication3rd International Conference on Project Evaluation ICOPEV 2016, Guimarães, Portugalpor
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