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TitleCRiB: a service oriented architecture for digital preservation outsourcing
Author(s)Ferreira, Miguel
Baptista, Ana Alice
Ramalho, José Carlos
KeywordsService oriented architecture (SOA)
Digital preservation
Web services
Preservation evaluation
Issue date2006
CitationFERREIRA, Miguel, BAPTISTA, Ana Alice, RAMALHO, José Carlos, ed. lit. - "CRIB : a service oriented architecture for digital preservation outsourcing". Paper presented at the XATA - XML: Aplicações e Tecnologias Associadas, Portalegre, 2006. ISBN 972-99166-2-4.
Abstract(s)This paper identifies some of the most prominent issues present in today’s digital repository systems, which hinder the long-term preservation of digital materials. In order to address some of those issues, we propose the CRiB system, a service oriented architecture (SOA) supported by Web services’ technology, which will enable institutions to outsource part of the functionality that is necessary to carry out effective long-term digital preservation. The proposed system delivers a set of services that client applications will be able to invoke in order to perform complex format migrations; evaluate the outcome of those migrations according to multiple criteria (e.g. data loss and performance); and obtain detailed migration reports for documenting the preservation intervention.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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DSI - Engenharia da Programação e dos Sistemas Informáticos
DSI - Sociedade da Informação
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