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TitleA myographic-based HCI solution proposal for upper limb amputees
Author(s)Matos, Andreia
Adão, Telmo
Magalhães, Luís Gonzaga Mendes
Peres, Emanuel
KeywordsHuman-computer interaction
Gesture recognition
Physical disability
Upper limb amputee
Issue date5-Oct-2016
JournalProcedia Computer Science
Abstract(s)Interaction plays a fundamental role as it sets bridges between humans and computers. However, people with disability are prevented to use computers by the ordinary means, due to physical or intellectual impairments. Thus, the human-computer interaction (HCI) research area has been developing solutions to improve the technological accessibility of impaired people, by enhancing computers and similar devices with the necessary means to attend to the different disabilities, thereby contributing to reduce digital exclusion. Within the aforementioned scope, this paper presents an interaction solution for upper limb amputees, supported on a myographic gesture-control device named Myo. This device is an emergent wearable technology, which consists in a muscle-sensitive bracelet. It transmits myographic and inertial data, susceptible of being converted into actions for interaction purposes (e.g. clicking or moving a mouse cursor). Although being a gesture control armband, Myo can also be used in the legs, as was ascertained through some preliminary tests with users. Both data types (myographic and inertial) remain to be transmitted and are available to be converted into gestures. A general architecture, a use case diagram and the two main functional modules specification are presented. These will guide the future implementation of the proposed Myo-based HCI solution, which is intended to be a solid contribution for the interaction between upper limb amputees and computers.
TypeConference paper
Description"Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems / International Conference on Project MANagement / Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies, CENTERIS / ProjMAN / HCist 2016, October 5-7, 2016 "
AccessOpen access
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