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TitleLow-wavenumber Raman scattering in glycerol
Author(s)Moura, C.
Zwick, A.
KeywordsRaman spectroscopy
Glass transition
Density of Vibrational States
Multiple-order scattering
Issue dateJan-2001
JournalJournal of Raman Spectroscopy
Citation"Journal of Raman Spectroscopy". ISSN 1097-4555. 32:1 (2001) 65-67.
Abstract(s)Analysis of the low-wavenumber Raman data of glycerol as a function of temperature is presented. For temperatures lower than the glass transition temperature the scattering intensity is interpreted on the basis of a model starting from the analogies between the density of vibrational states for the crystalline and the glassy phases and taking into account multiple-order scattering. Experimental results on depolarized Raman spectra are shown to be in good agreement with the model. For temperatures higher than the glass transition temperature, the quasi-elastic scattering is interpreted in terms of degrees of freedom released by H-bond breaking.
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