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TitleDC magnetron discharge fluid model using a new numerical scheme
Author(s)Costin, C.
Marques, L.
Gousset, G.
Popa, G.
Issue dateJul-2003
PublisherUniversity Greifswald
CitationMEICHSNER, J, ; LOFFHOGEN, D. ; WAGNER, H.-E., ed. lit. – “ICPIG2003 : proceedings of International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, 26, Greifswald, Germany, 2003”. Greifswald : University at Greifswald, 2003. ISBN 3-00-011689-3. vol. 3, p. 49-50.
Abstract(s)Numerical modelling of an electrical discharge by fluid model can be accomplished through different procedures and approaches. A 2D time-dependent one was applied in order to describe a cylindrical symmetry Argon DC planar magnetron discharge. All transport equations, which means continuity and momentum transfer equations for electrons and ions and electron mean energy transport equation are solved in the same manner, using corrected classical drift-diffusion expressions for fluxes. For the validity of this last approach, the presence of magnetic field has been introduced as a correction in the electronic flux expression, while for ions an effective electric field has been considered. Plasma potential is given by Poisson equation.
AccessOpen access
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