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TítuloA novel heat transfer coefficient identification methodology for the profile extrusion calibration stage
Autor(es)Marques, Pedro Filipe Lima
Clain, Stéphane
Machado, Gaspar J.
Martins, Bruno Diogo
Carneiro, O. S.
Nóbrega, J. M.
Palavras-chaveProfile extrusion cooling stage
Heat transfer coefficient identification
Finite volume method
Polymer flow
RevistaApplied Thermal Engineering
Resumo(s)A new method to compute heat transfer coefficients of the profile extrusion process calibration stage, in conjunction with a prototype calibration system (Carneiro et al., 2013), is proposed. The methodology involves two major ingredients: a numerical modeling code and a fitting procedure. The code, based on the Finite Volume Method, computes the steady-state solution for the heat transfer problem. The soft- ware carefully handles discontinuous solutions as well as discontinuities of the velocity and the material characteristics. Fitting procedure introduces alternative algorithms we have tested and assessed in Marques et al. (submitted for publication). A real case study demonstrates the advantages of using the new proposed methodology when compared with the previously applied (Carneiro et al., 2013).
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