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TitleMultistorey building made of CLT: How to design it right?
Author(s)Ahvenainen, Julia
Sousa, Hélder S.
KeywordsCross-laminated timber
Structural design
Issue date15-Jun-2016
PublisherUniversidade do Minho
CitationAhvenainen J., Sousa H.S. (2016). Multistorey building made of CLT: How to design it right?. In: Seminário: “Construir em madeira”, Guimarães, Portugal, 15 Junho 2016. Eds: Branco J.M., Lourenço P.B., pp. 95-118. ISBN: 978-972-8692-92-6
Abstract(s)Cross-laminated timber may be used for very different application such as single or two storey residential buildings, however it is more often used on larger schemes where offsite manufacture and speed of construction can reduce costs, such as multistorey buildings or modular buildings. Cross-laminated timber may also be used when high performance materials are necessary with lower weight, allowing for larger spans between supports or even bolder cantilever spans. Nevertheless, there is still a need for more information regarding its use and design. This work provides information regarding the material itself, its applicability, planning, production and delivery. Furthermore, design guidelines and indications are also addressed.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (Author)
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