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TitleRisk management in landfills. A public health perspective
Author(s)Rani-Borges, B.
Vieira, J. M. Pereira
KeywordsLandfill safety plan
Public health
Risk management
Solid waste
Issue dateSep-2015
PublisherCRC Press
CitationRani-Borges B., Vieira J. M. P. Risk management in landfills. A public health perspective, WASTES 2015 – Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, pp. 247–252, doi:10.1201/b18853-42, 2015
Abstract(s)Currently, sanitary landfill is an appropriate option for disposal of waste, mainly because it is a technology with little aggressive environmental impact and associated to low costs and simple operation. However, the deficit in best practices in solid waste management is recognized in scientific literature as the cause of adverse effects on the environment and public health. Since landfill has a relevant social, economic and environmental impact as a sanitary urban infrastructure, new control approach based on public health and environmental integrity should be developed in order to prevent diseases propagation and negative environmental impacts. This research work presents a novel concept of landfill safety plan, using similar approach as the well established water safety plan methodology, structured on risk assessment and risk management throughout the waste collection and disposal system.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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