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TitleMechanical performance of compressed earth block masonry using granitic residual soils
Author(s)Oliveira, Daniel V.
Miranda, Tiago F. S.
Ramos, Luís F.
Silva, R. A.
Soares, Edgar
Leitão, Dinis
KeywordsCompressed earth block masonry
Mechanical performance
Issue dateJun-2016
PublisherTaylor & Francis
CitationOliveira D. V., Miranda T., Ramos L. F., Silva R. A., Soares E., Leitão D. Mechanical performance of compressed earth block masonry using granitic residual soils., Internacional IB2MAC, 16th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference, 2016
Abstract(s)Although earthen construction has been practiced for millennia, its advantages associated to current environmental concerns are giving new opportunities to earth as a modern building material. The paper presents and discusses the first results of an experimental campaign carried out at University of Minho on the characterization of masonry components made of stabilized compressed earth blocks, produced with granitic residual soils, typically from Northern Portugal, and considering both dry-stack and mortared joints. The use of mortar joints modifies significantly the mechanical behaviour of masonry, both in terms of stiffness and strength.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionPublicado em "Brick and block masonry : trends, innovations and challenges : proceedings of the 16th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference (IBMAC 2016)...", ISBN 978-1-138-02999-6
AccessOpen access
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