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TítuloHeliodon´s use for the development of bioclimatic architecture projects in for the city of Araras, São Paulo - Brazil
Autor(es)Nascimento, Juliana M. A. do
Sacht, Helenice M.
Bragança, L.
Palavras-chaveBioclimatic architecture
Shading devices
CitaçãoNascimento J. M. A., Sacht H., Bragança L. Heliodon´s Use for the Development of Bioclimatic Architecture Projects in for the city of Araras, São Paulo - Brazil, SBE Series 16 - Brazil & Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 169, 2016
Resumo(s)Bioclimatic architecture consider that the climate is an important variable in the design process. In this context, environment comfort can be naturally obtained for the users of buildings by using bioclimatic strategies, which depending on the climate, the construction techniques and the type of use. In this process, the sun is an important aspect, leading the architects and engineers to focus their attention towards this parameter. In this way, the sun has been a part of the problem, as well a solution for buildings: too much sunlight will lead to heating and daylighting excessive. Considering these aspects, the main objective of this work is to identify the potential of the use of heliodon by means of a case study, in order to evaluate the bioclimatic strategies for buildings for the climate of the city of Araras, São Paulo State Brazil, mainly on aspects related to the design of shading devices. The heliodon, used in this sudy, is an equipment that allows the analysis of sunlight effects on physical models of constructions or urban design, aiming the reproduction of the actual direction of sunlight in relation to a building. As a results, the heliodon have shown to be a reliable tool for architects and students to be used in the development of projects in bioclimatic architecture because it allows the visualization and calculation of solar effects at the window, buildings or urban design, showing the solar patterns, insolation and shadings effects in the buildings for clear sky conditions.
DescriçãoISBN 978-85-92631-00-0
Versão da editorahttp://sbe16.civil.uminho.pt/app/heliodons-use-for-the-development-of-bioclimatic-architecture-projects-in-for-the-city-of-araras-sao-paulo-brazil/
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