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TitleThermal and acoustic performance of interlocking compressed earth blocks masonry
Author(s)Leitão, Dinis
Sá, Ana Briga
Soares, Edgar
Miranda, Tiago F. S.
KeywordsThermal performance
Acoustic performance
Earth construction
Issue dateSep-2016
CitationLeitão D., Briga Sá A., Soares E., Miranda T. THERMAL AND ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE OF INTERLOCKING COMPRESSED EARTH BLOCKS MASONRY, 41st IAHS WORLD CONGRESS - Sustainability and Innovation for the Future, 2016
Abstract(s)The earth construction is an ancient building technique that, with the emergence of new materials and technologies, has received less attention during the last decades. Nevertheless, the new concerns in terms of environmental protection and sustainable construction have recently led to its revalorization. The masonry construction with interlocking compressed earth blocks (ICEB) is one of the earth construction techniques that features several advantages and has received the most developments in the last years. This type of masonry is currently being used worldwide, especially in developing countries, although the suspicions about its performance remain very wide. Another problem is the lack of standards and documents that can support designers in projects development. This research aims to contribute in this direction, creating bases to help designers in their work and contribute to the knowledge about this type of construction. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the standard requirements related to the comfort inside the building, namely at the thermal and acoustic level. So, the knowledge of the thermal and acoustic performance of the ICEB masonry is essential to define and optimize the constructive solutions at the design stage. Experimental studies were carried out in order to characterize these properties. The results are presented and discussed. It is expected that the results obtained serve as design support for this type of construction.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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