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TítuloResearch performance of tenured professors in Portuguese civil engineering departments
Autor(es)Torgal, Fernando Pacheco
Civil engineering
research performance
SCI papers
uncitedeness rate
EditoraEthan Publishing Company
RevistaJournal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research
CitaçãoTorgal F. P. Research Performance of Tenured Professors in Portuguese Civil Engineering Departments, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research, Vol. 3, pp. 1561-1570, 2016
Resumo(s)This paper presents a bibliometric evaluation of the research performance of tenured Professors in Civil Engineering Departments of six Portuguese Universities using Scopus/Elsevier database. The research performance of Full Professors in Civil Engineering Departments at the Imperial College London (ICL) and MIT was used as benchmark. The bibliometric indexes used in this assessment were the number of papers in SCI journals, ratio SCI papers/year, number of citations (self-citations excluded); ratio citations/SCI paper, h-index, ratio h-index/year, self-citations percentage and uncitedeness rate. Results show that only the Portuguese Civil Engineering Professor with the highest h-index exceeds the average h-index of Full Professors in ICL and almost reach the average h-index of Full Professors in MIT. Top 5% Portuguese Full Professors have more citations and also a higher ratio citations/SCI papers than their counterparts at ICL. The comparison between the average performance of the Top 5% Portuguese Full Professors in the five year period (2009-2013) and their counterparts at the ICL and MIT shows that the former produced slightly more papers, received almost the same citations of ICLs and 64% of the citations received by MITs Top 5% Full Professors in that period.
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