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TitleEnzymatic enhanced adhesion of cellulosic woven fabrics composites
Author(s)Linhares, Teresa Conceição Amaral
Zille, Andrea
Soares, Graça M. B.
Surface modification
Pressure adherence
Woven cellulosic composites
Issue date2016
PublisherUniversity of Technology in Bratislava. Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology Slovak. Institute of Natural and Synthetic Polymers
JournalVlákna a Textil
CitationLinhares T, Zille A, Soares G (2016) Enzymatic Enhanced Adhesion of Cellulosic Woven Fabrics Composites. Vlákna a textile. 3:112-116
Abstract(s)The purpose of this work was to produce and characterize enzymatically treated fabric composites using different mixtures of two commercial cellulase enzyme solutions in dosages of 0.1% and 0.5% in order to improve the fabric’s adhesion. Three cellulosic taffeta plain weave fabrics of 100% flax, cotton and bamboo viscose were used in different combinations. The properties of the woven fabrics and produced composites were characterized using several mechanical tests. The cotton & viscose composite appears to be the best materials combination, exhibiting improved breaking force (0.5% of Xylanase PLUSTM) and percentage of elongation at maximum force (0.1% of Xylanase PLUSTM), as well as better results on the peel adhesion test (0.5% of AlternaFuel® MAXTM). The flax & cotton combination did not show any improvement for all the tested properties. Flax & viscose combination, despite not having shown peel strength improvement, exhibits remarkable elongation and breaking force (0.5% ofXylanase PLUSTM). Since there is no posterior emission ofvolatile products, one canexpect agreat public acceptance. However, higher enzymatic concentrations should be studied to clarify the contribution of this parameter to the surface modification and adhesion promotion.
Description"IFATCC – XXIV International Congress, At Pardubice, Czech Republic"
AccessOpen access
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