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TitleSatellite de-orbiting via controlled solar radiation pressure
Author(s)Deienno, Rogerio
Merguizo Sanchez, Diogo
Prado, Antonio Fernando Bertachini de Almeida
Smirnov, Georgi
KeywordsRadiation pressure
Satellites de-orbiting
Solar radiation pressure
Satellite dc-orbiting
Orbital maneuvers
Satellite de-orbiting
Issue date2016
JournalCelestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy
Abstract(s)The aim of the present research is to study the use of solar radiation pressure to place a satellite in an orbit that makes it to reenter the atmosphere of the Earth. This phase of the mission is usual, since the orbital space around the Earth is crowded and all satellites have to be discarded after the end of their lifetimes. The technique proposed here is based on a device that can increase and decrease the area-to-mass ratio of the satellite when its intent to reduce its altitude until a re-entry point is reached. Equations that predict the evolution of the eccentricity and semi-major axis of the orbit of the satellite are derived, and can be used to allow the evaluation of the time required for the decay of the satellite. Numerical simulations are made, and they show the time required for the decay as a function of the area-to-mass ratio and the evolution of the most important orbital elements. The results show maps that indicate regions of fast decays as a function of the area-to-mass ratio and the initial inclination of the satellite orbit. They also confirmed the applicability of the equations derived here. The numerical results showed the role played by the evection and the sun- synchronous resonances in the de-orbiting time.
Description"First online: 07 June 2016"
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