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TitleTyre/road noise annoyance assessment through virtual sounds
Author(s)Freitas, Elisabete F.
Lamas, João Pedro Soares Albergaria
Silva, Carlos César Loureiro
Soares, Francisco Emanuel Cunha
Mouta, Sandra
Santos, Jorge A.
Traffic noise
Tyre/road noise
Virtual noise
Issue date2016
CitationFreitas E. F., Lamas J., Silva C., Soares F., Mouta S., Santos J. A. Tyre-road noise annoyance assessment through virtual sounds, Advances in Noise Analysis, Mitigation and Control, pp. 121-138, doi:10.5772/64359, 2016
Abstract(s)Road-traffic noise is the most significant source of environmental noise. Among the several different sources of noise emission from vehicles, tyre/road noise at speeds above 40 km/h is the most prevalent. Its negative impact on health is now better known and may be mitigated by optimising road surface characteristics. Experimental data linking the characteristics of the road surface to levels of annoyance regarding noise remain scarce. Moreover, assessing annoyance by experimental means using real sounds is complex and could impede study interactions with a wide set of variables. In this chapter we describe, discuss and present the results of a straightforward method to assess tyre/road noise and related annoyance, based on the virtual sounds made by vehicles, with no interferences.
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Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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