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TítuloGlobal asymptotic stability of a general nonautonomous Cohen-Grossberg model with unbounded amplification functions
Autor(es)Oliveira, José J.
Palavras-chaveCohen-Grossberg neural networks
Unbounded time-varying coefficients
Unbounded distributed delays
Unbounded amplification functions
Global asymptotic stability
EditoraSpringer Verlag
RevistaSpringer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics
Resumo(s)For a class of nonautonomous differential equations with infinite delay, we give sufficient conditions for the global asymptotic stability of an equilibrium point. This class is general enough to include, as particular cases, the most of famous neural network models such as Cohen-Grossberg, Hopfield, and bidirectional associative memory. It is relevant to notice that here we obtain global stability criteria without assuming bounded amplification functions. As illustrations, results are applied to several concrete models studied in some earlier publications and new global stability criteria are given.
DescriçãoSeries: Springer proceedings in mathematics & statistics. ISSN 2194-1009, vol. 162
Versão da editorahttp://www.springer.com/series/10533
Arbitragem científicayes
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