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TitleUnderstanding virtual actors
Author(s)Silva, Rogério Eduardo
Iurgel, Ido Aharon
Santos, Manuel
Branco, Pedro
Zagalo, Nelson
KeywordsVirtual actors
Autonomous digital actors
Believable characters
Computer animation
Authoring believable characters
Issue date2011
Abstract(s)Autonomous Digital Actors represent the next step in authoring movies with believable characters, in a way that will allow them to be trained for acting specific roles in a story, suggesting appropriate behaviors during their performance. This article presents an overview of the art of acting and directing and how these concepts were used to elaborate a Virtual Actor metaphor. Also, we present an agent architecture for describing and implementing the virtual actors’ acting knowledge base.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionPublicado em: "2010 Brazilian Symposium on Games and Digital Entertainment: SBGames 2010 : proceedings". ISBN 978-0-7695-4359-8
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:CECS - Atas em congressos | Seminários / conference proceedings

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