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TitleProfessors of Administration and their training: knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes
Author(s)Will, João Manuel de Sousa
Pacheco, José Augusto
KeywordsAdministration Curriculum
Curricular decision
Issue date2015
PublisherUniversidade do Porto. Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Educativas (CIIE)
Abstract(s)The text presents a reflection on the curriculum decisions taken by professors of administration course of a Brazilian public university, located in the city of Palmas / Tocantins, as part of a research carried out at the Institute of Education, University of Minho / Portugal. We aimed to characterize the knowledge, skills and teaching skills in the processes and curricular decision to practice in this course. Adopted the mixed methodology, making a combination between qualitative and quantitative approaches with application of surveys (questionnaires and interviews) and document analysis. The sample consisted of 20 teachers in a universe of 24 teachers and 180 students in 345 universe. We used the SPSS software, version 20 for measurement, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of data from the questionnaires. The results showed the problem of curricular articulation in plan of organizational decisions and curriculum practices in the classroom when the pedagogical and methodological policies do not fall in line with the knowledge and scientific skills and didactic and pedagogical teachers. Thus, the knowledge, skills and teaching skills were noted as difficult tract in the course of Administration. Teachers indicated the difficulty in articulating knowledge related to teaching ability and as a strategy identified the need for educational improvement concerning to develop the ability to interdisciplinary projects; to share with colleagues the knowledge taught in the classroom; to mobilize the knowledge of the contents to promote and enhance students' skills and technique; to know how to articulate the human and conceptual skills, relating the knowledge of educational theories to teaching resources and to learn to relate to the students. In this process, the perception of experienced teachers and students, beginning teachers occupy a place of apprentice of the experts experience. Students and teachers of Course differentiate their perceptions related to the articulation of the basic and specific content and its integration with different knowledge, for example, is more relevant to students than for teachers issues related such as the knowledge of Administration course concerning to the administrator's career; the theories of field focused on their training to motivate and help them reflect on the reality and take ownership of new knowledge and critical skills. The domain of theories focused on their training to motivate and help them reflect on the reality and take ownership of new knowledge and critical skills.We concluded that the Administration course curriculum must undergo profound transformation with regard to curriculum practice, linked to the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for decision-making in the context of classroom curriculum.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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