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TitleEffect of hot calendering on physical properties and water vapor transfer resistance of bacterial cellulose films
Author(s)Costa, V. L. D.
Costa, A. P.
Amaral, M. E.
Oliveira, Carla
Gama, F. M.
Dourado, Fernando
Simões, R. M.
Issue dateNov-2016
JournalJournal of Materials Science
CitationCosta, V. L. D.; Costa, A. P.; Amaral, M. E.; Oliveira, Carla; Gama, F. M.; Dourado, Fernando; Simões, R. M., Effect of hot calendering on physical properties and water vapor transfer resistance of bacterial cellulose films. Journal of Materials Science, 51(21), 9562-9572, 2016
Abstract(s)This work investigates the effect of hot calendering on bacterial cellulose (BC) films properties, aiming the achievement of good transparency and barrier property. A comparison was made using vegetal cellulose (VC) films on a similar basis weight of around 40 g.m-2. The optical-structural, mechanical and barrier property of BC films were studied and compared with those of highly beaten VC films. The Youngs moduli and tensile index of the BC films are much higher than those obtained for VC (14.5 16.2 GPa vs 10.8 8.7 GPa and 146.7 64.8 N.m.g-1 vs 82.8 40.5 N.m.g-1), respectively. Calendering increased significantly the transparency of BC films from 53.0 % to 73.0 %. The effect of BC ozonation was also studied. Oxidation with ozone somewhat enhanced the brightness and transparency of the BC films, but at the expenses of slightly lower mechanical properties. BC films exhibited a low water vapor transfer rate, when compared to VC films and this property decreased by around 70 % following calendering, for all films tested. These results show that calendering could be used as a process to obtain films suitable for food packaging applications, where transparency, good mechanical performance and barrier properties are important. The BC films obtained herein are valuable products that could be a good alternative to the highly used plastics in this industry.
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