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TitleExploring psychoacoustic indicators to assess close proximity tyre-road noise
Author(s)Freitas, Elisabete F.
Soares, Francisco Emanuel Cunha
Lamas, João Pedro Soares Albergaria
Road pavements
Tyre-road noise
Issue date2016
CitationFreitas E. F., Soares F., Lamas J. Exploring psychoacoustic indicators to assess close proximity tyre-road noise, EuroRegio 2016, 2340-7441, 2016
Abstract(s)Road traffic noise is associated with several health problems and welfare; such as sleep disturbances and annoyance. Accordingly, it becomes essential to characterize road noise not only based on acoustic indicators, but also based on psychoacoustic indicators. The acoustic indicators are required to assure compliance with European legislation and to define vehicle detection thresholds, the psychoacoustic indicators describe better annoyance rates. In this context, this work aimed to explore tyre-road noise measurements acquired on eight road pavements at eight speeds, from the point of view of psychoacoustics. In the analysis three psychoacoustic indicators (Loudness, Sharpness, Roughness) and one acoustic indicator (LAmax) were determined on 64 tyre-road noise samples acquired through the Close Proximity Method (CPX). It was confirmed that all psychoacoustic indicators are appropriated to describe tyre-road noise.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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