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TitleEngineering programs for engineers: a global higher education perspective
Author(s)Barros, Victor F. A.
Ciampi, Melany M.
Brito, Claudio da Rocha
Vasconcelos, Rosa
Amaral, Luís
KeywordsProfessional skills
Global vision
Program on demand
Issue dateDec-2014
Abstract(s)New demands for engineering education are taking place due to the deep transformations that the world is facing. The way to overcome the constant mutation and challenges that engineers have to face professional programs are dimensioned in accordance with the knowledge and practice that are necessary for the group of professional engineers. These are the customized courses. Students make the requirements and the program is designed to fit their needs. Briefly, classes are in classroom with technical visits to different organizations and the content is available on line. The amount of work comprises the amount of hours that are necessary to accomplish the program focusing in the main goal, which is to have a certified course of specialists in a certain field of expertise. The proposed program is an investment that guarantees return by the strategic vision for a successful performance, the higher management capacity and growth of intellectual capital.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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