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TitleExperiments on enlarging a lexical ontology
Author(s)Simões, Alberto
Almeida, J. J.
Ontologia lexical
Issue dateJul-2015
JournalCommunications in Computer and Information Science
CitationAlberto Simões e José João Almeida. 2015. Experiments on enlarging a lexical ontology. Em José-Luis Sierra-Rodríguez, José-Paulo Leal, e Alberto Simões, editores, Languages, Applications and Technologies, volume 563 of Communications in Computer and Information Science. Springer International Publishing, pp. 49--56.
Abstract(s)This paper presents two simple experiments performed in order to enlarge the coverage of PULO, a Lexical Ontology, based and aligned with the Princeton WordNet. The first experiment explores the triangulation of the Galician, Catalan and Castillian wordnets, with translation dictionaries from the Apertium project. The second, explores Dicionário-Aberto entries, in order to extract synsets from its definitions. Although similar approaches were already applied for different languages, this document aims at documenting their results for the PULO case.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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